Pearly Pretzels

Pearly Pretzels

What’s more lady like than a mix of pearls and gold strings collaborated in a bracelet .. I got this beauty from my most favorite store ‘ Charming Charlie ‘ for $8.00 and it’s totally worth it. I wear this a lot and it goes with most of my outfits. People tell me it gives out classy vibes 🙂


Wedding Veils!

Pearly Purple

Wedding Veils!

With weddings around the corner, before we hit the really cold weather I came across some beautiful Abaya’s (Muslim Gowns) ..this is one of them and the design is exquisite!
It looks beautiful in itself, covers your body, that’s my personal favorite color!
The most gorgeous aspect of this Abaya is its’ silver embellishment on the waist and cuffs it brings a more formal wear touch to it!
Very convenient to get it stitched!

Modesty at it’s Best!

A Little About me!

I’m extremely high on life, love writing, reading, traveling, photography, FOOD and absolutely Love Modest Fashion – I love to promote ways one can be modest and yet look beautiful ..

This Blog is to promote modesty, love, happiness and inspiration! Everyday musings that could bring about a change be it small!

The idea is to be a Lady .. as we walk, talk and DRESS UP!